1. Dick Hell

    If she plays her cards right she could have me.

  2. She could rest that water bottle, and many more things, on that table walking about a foot in front of her…

  3. kimmykimkim

    Lose the fucking hat.

  4. Mama Pinkus


  5. Grand Poobah

    speaking of trash bags………

  6. Mel

    Now there’s Cannes and then there’s . . .

  7. Boing

    what a retarded mouth.

  8. Quijibo

    She looks like a fucking retard.

  9. spartacus

    Aaaahhhh old Tit’s McTitties…. What’s her name again?

  10. Grand Poobah

    Put her on the hood of my car and use her for a front bumper..

  11. tlmck

    No please.

  12. EricLr

    No, really, I love you for your mind.

  13. catapostrophe

    Christina Hendricks smiles through excruciating back pain.

  14. Am I the only one that notices she’s built like José Canseco?!?

  15. That looks like a dead heat in a zeppelin race

  16. Hope she has her chiropractor on speed dial. Or me. Either way.

  17. I’d like to lay down between those two torpedoes and take a nice long nap. I’ll bet her tits smell like carnations.

  18. Codot

    I wouldn’t mind being a casualty in THAT motorboating accident!

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