1. dontkillthemessenger

    Hasn’t she ruined the lives of enough kids already?

  2. Johnny P!

    The first time that child smelled distilled juniper berries.

  3. your mom

    Who the fuck gave her a baby??

  4. your mom

    Does this mean Ally was pregnant the whole time, and the anorexia was just a clever way of hiding it?

  5. And she named this one Mulligan.

  6. She’s already shopping sex tapes of it.

  7. “They said I ruined those other kids… well I’ll show them!” ~ Dina thinks to herself shortly before pimping this child out to Pampers.

  8. Bob Hopeless

    “There is another Lohan” (cue Imperial March)

    • dooood

      the lohan clan is neutral evil or chaotic evil at best.
      just a bunch of angry whores with a high tolerance for alcohol.

      sure they are shameless sociopaths who only give a shit about themselves but they are not hell bent on world domination like the moo cow succubi clan.

      save the imperial march for those whores, or for cheney

  9. EmT

    Please God no! 1-2-3 wake up, 1-2-3 wake up, 1-2-3 wake up…

  10. Colin

    I thought that was Lindsay when I first looked at it. Not sure whether that’s more insulting to her or Dina.

  11. Grand Poobah

    too many horrible comments for this horrible woman I could write here, instead I will just say nothing…

  12. Robert

    What’s the number for Child Protective Services?

  13. metoo

    Dina Lohan or Kate Gosselin?

  14. Swearin

    Normally, she couldn’t give a shit about little kids. But the second she heard there’s an open bar on the set of the next Pampers commercial…

  15. Haddo01

    Why the FUCK is DINA LOHAN holding a baby?!

  16. So she finally got Ali back down to her original weight?

  17. jerseygirl71

    on her way to get the little rascal some “work” done, that fat belly just won’t do!

  18. …and India Rose Hemsworth was never seen again.

  19. leslie

    why is everyone so evil
    she looks nice and sweet with it

  20. jesper

    She looks smokin
    cute kid
    sure is her new client

  21. Faydra

    Did Lindsay have a baby?

  22. Joffrey

    “That girl was our last hope.”
    “No. There is another….”

  23. MILF

    She’s probably taking the baby to the tanning booth before dropping her off at Octomom’s house.

  24. I think I see tobacco stains on that babys fingers

  25. Codot

    Hey hey! Don’t shit on my coke!

  26. katiec

    As a fellow mom of 3 I find all these comments disgusting

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