1. Zabou

    That dress is GORGEOUS!!! She should have put on some make up on her tramp stamp though.

  2. Mama Pinkus

    she needs to eat

  3. dooood

    beautiful women have absolutely no need for decorations
    (yes i got that from ‘robin hood prince of thieves’. sue me.)

    i wish chicks would stop getting tongue rings, belly button rings and lower back tattoos already.

    natural beauty on its own is so much sexier.
    the only things that comes close to making women look hotter is seeing them in the shower, hair in the wind, or masturbation.

  4. Grand Poobah

    tattoo was a definite mistake

  5. busty sinclair

    In 2012 ‘dead bird’ is the new black

  6. tlmck

    Needed to cover up the tramp stamp and the S&M welts on her back.

  7. EricLr

    I think she needs to Botox her back.

  8. vgrly

    She is at Cannes every year. Can anyone name an actual film she’s been in without having to google it?

  9. “Place semen here”

  10. “I fell… On a rake!”

  11. This is the picture that should be in the dictionary when you look up “ass”.

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