1. dontkillthemessenger

    You gotta give him credit… most homeless men can’t keep their pants than white.

  2. SSHGuru


  3. He scares me through the monitor. I’m pretty sure he can see me.

    *ducks under desk*

  4. Aging gracefully

  5. He’s out looking for Travolta.

  6. bbiowa

    GodDAMN that looks like my great aunt Gert. Just needs a purse with an owl on it and some lint-covered Dentyne in the bottom.

  7. It’s like someone dressed up the UGA mascot and sent him roving the streets by himself.

  8. Grand Poobah

    It would be a great improvement if he would just pull the hat all the way down.

  9. Boing

    Toxic Avenger?

  10. Coyote

    I thought it was Jada Pinket Smith

  11. Biff

    Fuck…he’s ugly.

  12. Pipedreamer

    Man, Spider-Man really must’ve put the beat down on the Sandman this time… look at that face!

  13. Your tongue, My balls.

    Somebody left Mickey on the dashboard in the hot sun.

  14. First his face, now his shirt. Everything this guy owns melts.

  15. Ollie

    It’s the mangled ghost of Mickey Rourke floating along the pavement.

  16. Kelly Preston

    Who called this gay aviator?

  17. Buddy The Elf

    It was mid-80s in LA; apparently with possible snow showers?

  18. lily

    this is what the situation is going to look like in a decade

  19. tlmck

    Is that his belt hanging down, or the remote for his pacemaker?

  20. EricLr

    And this is why guys like Mickey Rourke should never be allowed to make a comeback.

  21. catapostrophe

    I wonder whether Mickey Rourke has made any mistakes.

  22. Michelle

    Silly putty has one more use

  23. He always has that “I just farted” look on his face.

  24. I didnt know he was playing Clayface in the new Batman movie?

  25. journalschism

    Freddy Krueger on Fire Island.

  26. Alzheimer patients make new friends everyday.

  27. geekcentric

    He looks exactly like the villain in Robocop after he fell in that toxic sludge….only worse.

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