1. Brian Blessed's Bastard Boy

    Welcome to the Kim Kardashian Waterpark.

  2. Serves them right for sitting under Miley’s balcony.

  3. She’s confused. Normally she gets paid for that kind of money shot.

  4. Colin

    One bikini for Ms. Price, and hazmat headgear for everyone else.

  5. Boing

    Jizz. All over the place.

  6. Haddo01

    Like a real pro, she no longer reacts to taking it in the face.

  7. bbiowa

    At the Bukkake Hotel and Spa. Everything’s sticky, but the buffet is all you can eat.

  8. Thanks, Photo Boy. (He knows why.)

  9. tito

    It’s funny how muscle memory works – she automatically opens her mouth and leans forward when a stream of liquid is near her face.

  10. tlmck

    Porn producers everywhere are screaming: “Get me that gusher!”.

  11. Thats why you never invite Cytherea to a pool party

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