1. What the fuck? Who the fuck are all of these people?

  2. Nice she got all glammed up for the event.

  3. Pauly won in the category “Too Old To Play A Goth Chick”

    • Devilish Diva

      I hope to look as good as she does when I’m 43!

      • Yes, I was about to say, I would definitely nominate her for Cutest 43-Year-Old Ever.

      • It’s like the Matlock of our day.

      • Fack… that was supposed to be one comment down. This has not been a good week.

      • Devilish Diva

        How is she 43? And Lindsay Lohan is only 25? My only quibble with Pauley Perette is I don’t think I’ve ever seen pics of her dressed up. If you go to an industry event, you should dress up, for crissakes.

      • Devilish Diva

        @TomFrank—-why qualify Pauley with her age? Just a pet peeve ’cause no one says, for example, a man is hot—for a 40-something year old. Women get classified all the time with regards to their age.
        I’m in college and I even get labelled with the “college co-ed” crap. Annoying.

  4. “I’m just a cave woman. When I get sent to an awards ceremony, I think, ‘who are all of the people in this strange tribe, and why do they want me to be their leader?’ Or, whatever.”

  5. When given a choice between actresses who try too hard and actresses who don’t try at all, I’ll take the cute barista down the road any day of the week.

  6. bbiowa

    I swear I’ve bought cigarettes from this chick at the Kum & Go.

  7. she is smiling like Cthulhu just ate the raven

  8. amir

    She looks like bad hygiene.

  9. Colin

    I’ll watch her on NCIS over Chris Noth on Law & Order any day of the week.

  10. The personification of every chick who’s sold me jeans at the Gap.

  11. dooood

    …… meh, i’d have sex with that

  12. Grand Poobah

    needs a few tattoos to complete the package

  13. Crissy

    Oh fuck take that stupid grin off your face! Nobody knows you!!!

    • El Jefe

      She is on the number one show on all of primetime tv, what rock do you live under? You are the one no one knows about.

  14. d.berry

    I am all for personal expression… I went to fucking art school for chrissakes.
    Buying all your clothes at Spencer’s Gifts doesn’t make you a rebel, it makes you a mall rat dickweed.

  15. i’d sit & watch her read the newspaper

  16. Blech

    Um, she reminds me of a batshit killer from any “Tainted Love Tuesday” flick on the Lifetime Movie Network.

  17. busty sinclair

    I think Fish is just f*ing with us now…I mean who is this person?

  18. tlmck

    There be crazy behind them eyes.

  19. EricLr

    I can see her personal ad now:

    “Looking for a guy who likes a Long Island accent and won’t mind me stabbing him in one of the fits of jealous rage that I’ll periodically fly into. Definite plus if you have a motorcycle.”

  20. Long Island accent? She’s from New Orleans, fer fuck sake.

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