1. Pretty nice. It’s like she’s Tilda Swinton’s human sister.

  2. It’s like someone had Kim user her mouth to LIPO Christina Hendricks…

  3. misty

    I think she looks like a slimmer, Bryce Dallas Howard

    • Jimmy

      Bryce Dallas Howard is pretty too, and that’s a real accomplishment given that she has Howard genes. Just look what they did to Clint!

  4. Blech

    I can’t think of anything critical or awful to say.

    Translation: she looks nice.

  5. spartacus

    I think she looks lovely

  6. tlmck

    Sorry kiddo. The whole pasty skinned redhead thing has been done to death. Even decent boobs won’t save it.

  7. It’s the ghost of Christina Hendricks!

  8. alex

    The ONLY reason she’s a ‘star’ is because she showed her tits in a movie where she played a 16 year old. She showed them a lot.

  9. Carolyn

    How about her Academy Award nomination for “The Help? I think she looks beautiful. Nice dress, fresh face without too much cheesy makeup, and that wonderful red hair.

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