1. Those magic melons sell lots of magic melons.

  2. Pete

    Why oh why do women insist on messing with plastic surgery to make themselves look “younger”? She looks like a dude now, and that hurts to say cuz I used to be a bit obsessed with her back in the day.

  3. Is this Maria Menounos? I honestly can’t tell, I’ve never seen her from the front.

  4. Nonnie Moose

    Welcome to the crypt! I’ve dug something up for you…

  5. Cock Dr

    I hope that’s just harsh makeup and not the result of some Beverly Hills plastic surgeon ghoul sucking fat out of her face.

  6. EricLr

    Somewhere there is an engineer saying to himself “Man, I sure hope those gold support beams hold.”

  7. Poutina

    over botoxed
    looks like a tranny

  8. For Christ’s sake Skeletor; man-up!

  9. Cindy, here’s a quarter…

  10. She resembles Maria Shriver.

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