1. Grace

    “So that’s where the verb ‘handle’ comes from!”

  2. Nonnie Moose

    * looking one picture back

  3. and this is why a good paparazzi always has his penis hanging out.

  4. TheOneBender

    Pretty sure he just saw that previous Kardashian pic….

  5. EricLr

    London shuttle now departing for West Side Story.

  6. Invisible clarinet?

  7. Holy hell, it’s not dead! Run over it again won’t you?

  8. “How am I going to get out without the world seeing my cunt?” or “How’s the best way to get out to show the world my cunt?”

  9. The Fonz has really let himself go. Heyyyyy.

  10. “Eww. I just HATE spiders!”

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