1. B&WMinstrel

    Drums and whistles. Cannes must have been expecting a marching band.

  2. meeps!

    The French must LOVE Mad Magazine…

  3. she can floss with a rope

  4. I totally would.

  5. now as Johnny left, still haunted!!

  6. Jade

    At first, I thought this was stage makeup, and I was wondering what movie it was for. But no, that gap is real.

  7. Letterman in drag?

  8. She’s looking good. Can you imagine how hot she’d look if she covered up her entire face?

  9. Shepler

    Get Invisiline bitch…your ex can afford it!

  10. Sssssshe is sssssso ssssexsssy!

  11. EricLr

    Just enough room for the crack pipe.

  12. “Excuse me, Miss. You have something in your–OH MY LORD!”

  13. With all the money that these people have, they get face lifts, cheek polishings, lip implants, tummy tucks.. For God sake people, see an Orthodontist!

  14. Vlad

    I guess Johnny Depp got tired of always driving through the Chunnel

  15. Depp dumped this???

  16. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    When the Germans were retreating through the Falaise Gap in France in ’44, God how they would’ve loved it to have been that wide. Their casualties would’ve been so much less.

  17. With that gap in her teeth, I’ll bet she sounds like Herbert from Family Guy.

  18. Pine Table Fever

    No-one told me they were making a new Steptoe and Son film?!

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