1. B&WMinstrel

    Yeah!! Let’s see that moany fucker in Tibet doin’ a trick with birds

  2. Am I the only wishing a victim of molestation would be skeet shooting nearby??

  3. I like his cape.

  4. If he just pulled it out of that tiny yarmulke, I’m impressed.

  5. At least he’s not licking someone’s feet this time.

  6. 2 seconds later, he bit the doves head off and flashed the metal sign, eyes glowing red with evil.

  7. JC

    Transcript: “Cheep cheep cheep!”
    Translation: “Bad touch! Bad touch!”

  8. It’s actually a carrier pigeon, it has a tiny not tied to its leg that says “send more little boys”.

  9. Cock Dr

    It’s preferable that they finger birds rather than their alterboys.

  10. “A well-known site at the Vatican are Gape Pigeons, so called because their rear plumage is reminiscent of a Catholic altar boy’s rectum.”

  11. EricLr

    Sure it looks nice–until you find out that this bird is a pedophile!!

  12. KingDoosher

    that bird has a pope on it’s ass etc….

  13. Marco Polo

    Sure, the dove gets to go free, but all those poor little boys never will be. FUCK THE RCC

  14. Lou Braccant

    Eh, you want I should do the the Ozzy Osbourne trick, Sabbath is one of a my favorite bands!!

  15. That’ll be tasty later.

  16. I must be sick. To me it’s a cool picture. I’ll call 911 right away.

  17. tlmck

    Poop on a Pope.

  18. “Hey, Giorgio, there’s more of these things over there. Do you know how to clean and cook ‘em?”

  19. “Oh look!… Mike Tyson sent me a fan letter.”

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