1. Mr. Poop

    lol @ this fat douche

  2. Wonderful, between him and Kim they are on a mission to prove black is not slimming…

  3. Is this walk narrated by Morgan Freeman?

  4. Employee

    kim is carrying high, must be a girl!?

  5. Cock Dr

    Been a while since we saw a set of moobs like that on the CWM.

  6. nice socks asshole…

  7. Look at this colossal douchebag! I hope a grand piano falls on his head!
    (Oh if real life were only like cartoons…)

  8. First, Jonah Hill. Then, Queen Latifah. Now, Rob Kardashian. I feel like Photo Boy is taking us on a tour of the Jenny Craig Hall of I Give Up.

  9. How many of these Kardashian kids are knocked up, anyway?

  10. anonymous

    Is he the only Kardashian with a natural pair of tits?

  11. Sympathetic pregnancy?

  12. awkward turtle

    Jonah Hill in Bel Air, California. (May 15, 2013)

  13. Expert on Everything

    It wouldn’t even be a thing if he wasn’t such a piece of shit, but he is a massive piece of shit like his mom who lets him behave like a POS. This family is everything wrong w/the human race. Burn them all w/fire!

  14. He is going over to Arby’s to warn the cooks to butter up the doors.

  15. The way this is going I feel like the next photo up is going to be Jessica Simpson. Here goes…

  16. He’s wearing so much black, Kim asked him if he wanted to make a sex tape.

  17. Never make fun of a pregnant man.

  18. Did he convert to Mexican?

  19. Rob’s control-top pantyhose makes him feel sexy, confident, and comfortable while on the go.

  20. Dominuse

    If he had a cigarette in the right paw, it would be perfect.

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