1. Mr. Poop

    his arms are so little compared to the rest of his body, he looks like a chubby T-Rex

  2. “I know, I’m fat again..fuck me, right?”

  3. Jade

    I would really hate to see him naked. It would be sad.

    • John Travolta

      Even more sad that the thought even crossed your mind…

      • Jade

        No different than all the comments guys make about the women here on a daily basis. Look at the pic.. his arms are all skinny/tiny looking, and his torso is so wide.

  4. I’m not kiddin, I’ve got a crap on deck that could choke a donkey. Oww, it’s SQUIDGY! Christ, I’m gettin all emotional from it, ya know?

  5. EricLr

    In direct sunlight, he sparkles…and also turns all jewey.

  6. Hitler

    what a chubby little Jew.

  7. “EWWWWWW! Is that a vegetable? Gross!”

  8. When does he start becoming fatter? He already has the peek- a- boo fat man nipples

  9. His wrists are so delicate, I hope they don’t snap one day when he’s doing push-ups. Wait.. never mind.

  10. Still a funny guy. For a short while.

  11. ruckus

    He and John Goodman could be those talking m&ms.

  12. zoya

    That’s not Rob, its “Kim” without ‘her’ hair and makeup. Kanye really is gay.

    (my dog just farted himself awake)

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