1. TheSufFan

    she looks gorg!

  2. Backlit is a good look for her. Wait, is she still huge, or how’s that going?

  3. I’m glad she’s back to her sexy figure. She’s got a great body when she takes care of it.

  4. Bob

    I had no idea Kim Kardashian is such a Xtina fan that she’s willing to share her personal Photoshop magician.

  5. Ummmm…am I the only one who thought that was Courtney Stodden with a brand new set of ass pads to match her booby pads?

  6. Cock Dr

    Back on the cocaine diet?

  7. The great thing about digital photography is that you can put up a picture from like 2003 on Instagram today and there are no telltale signs of fading or anything.

  8. could you lean back a little more? A little more? You’ll know when it’s far enough because the camera crew will high-five each other.

  9. Jade

    Thank you, Xtina, for showing us your stellar photoshop skills!

  10. She’s promoting her new single, “Genie in a Girdle.”

  11. Lissa

    Amazing what plastic surgery and photoshop can accomplish!

  12. anonymous

    Never really been a fan, though the skinnier she gets the more apt she is to take her clothes off. Back when she actually was fit seems she was quick to go semi naked in photos.

  13. That is some obvious photoshop

  14. Chuchu

    Sexy pics in a bra and spanx?

  15. Finally lost that 3 stone…not a fan of her white trash look but her body has improved immensely and her face appears to have deflated.

  16. Marco Polo

    WOW, glad to have her back! She was just depressed, she WAS going through a divorce. She got it back together. Bravo.

    • She left him retard. If you think she blew up because of that I got a bridge in Brooklyn that you might be interested in purchasing. Very good price for you.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

        I’m interested in this theory that goes, people who instigate a divorce can’t be depressed because of it. So it must be an objective fact, not an asinine assumption, that no instigator anywhere is ever downhearted that something they wanted to work out (they took not inconsequential step of getting married in the first place, after all, hardly a sign they thought matters weren’t going to last beyond the next 3-6 months) didn’t in fact end up working out – that all the dreams they envisioned manifesting with their once beloved suddenly proved to be but wisps of transient smoke.

        Yeah, you’re right. No instigator in their right mind would ever be depressed.

      • Hey, Car-Bone, every been through a divorce yourself? Ripley’s hit the nail right on the head. It doesn’t matter even if you totally despise your mate, breaking up totally destroys your own image of your place in society (husband, father, etc.) and it hurts like a motherfucker!

      • Goddamnit! I have posted more typographical errors this week than I can even remember. That’s what I get for skipping my morning coffee.

  17. Spanx for sharing …

  18. If that is real, damn, she is looking good.

  19. FYI, that railing was straight before she leaned against it.

  20. She looks good, glad she’s lost the weight. Hope it’s done healthily.

  21. I may be superficial but I just want her hotel room.

  22. Photoshop, surgery, whatever. She looks very sexy. Great pic.

  23. Pretty sure this photo is about 7 years old.

  24. We’ve all seen Paparazzi shots of her from this week. She’s thin again, and it’s not Photoshop. Who cares what she’s doing…it’s working.

  25. Stewie

    OK I’m officially impresses. It’s not easy to lose weight and she had that monkey on her back for some time.

  26. skunk

    yea right

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