1. Cock Dr

    Is it inappropriate for me to point out that the one lady has a cock?
    That’s not a standard red carpet accessory.

  2. Truly, “Dis how chicken look!”

  3. PassingTrue

    This goes right to the “Awkward Family Photo calendar 2015″

  4. I think they just found a new sitcom to replace “Two and Half Men”

  5. Sadly, the chicken’s the only one who’s not a self-loathing recovery drug addict.

  6. Those “American Pie” reunions just keep getting sadder and sadder.

  7. Kiss never should have removed their make up.

  8. Vlad

    Carrie Fisher walking in to shoot her scenes for Episode VII:
    Why do I have to put on this green body suit?

    JJ Abrams: Trust me Carrie, it’s the uniform all New Republic Senators have to wear…(whispers to himself) and it’ll be best for all of us, trust me.

  9. tlmck

    Time has not been kind to Catherine Hickland.

  10. Barcham

    Pretty sad when your mother looks half your age.

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