1. laughing at all the progressors.

  2. Donald Sterling,”He’s your coffee Sir.”
    Magic Johnson, That’s right Bitch,Hahahaha!”

  3. PPtee

    That’s right bitches. A woman in every city. And I’m still ticking!!

  4. “Package for the emperor of black people!”

  5. “Im not going to get AIDS from riding in this car with you, will I? hahahaha”

  6. George P Burdell

    Hey Donald! You should be ashamed to be fucking that crazy gold diggin’ bitch.

  7. “You’ve got AIDS…JINX! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven! You owe me a Coke! Ha, ha, ha, HA!”

  8. biff

    Hey Donald, where the white women at?

  9. “No, Sterling, You are not going to ride in my car. Go get your own…or walk!”

  10. Barcham

    “So, Magic, I found the perfect girl for your son! V something or other.”

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