1. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m just happy Wesley Snipes is working again.

  2. Wow, does she like to shit on the line between art and porno…

  3. Interracial shit? Oh, now you’ve crossed the line in 1952.

  4. fred

    Is this controversial because he is black, or because he is wearing tights? Because she is straddling him? Is this supposed to be controversial? I dunno. I have lost track.

  5. “Wanna go to a Clippers game?”

  6. “Lady Gaga and Don Zaloog having sex on stage at Madison Square Garden” Fixed that for you.

  7. “That’s definitely NOT a ‘little’ monster!”

  8. Motorboat Captain

    Say what you will about Gaga, I’m just glad that chick from Conan the Destroyer is working again.

  9. “Taste this finger. Guess where it’s been”.

  10. “You want fries with that?”

  11. donkeylicks


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