1. “Midnight Cowboy”

  2. PassingTrue

    Where’d that wascally wabbit go?

  3. We said ‘Blue Steel’! Not ‘Pinch a Loaf’!

  4. “Which one of you kids painted my garage door?”

  5. “Oh man, this one is hilarious. Hey, Trace! Do your impression of someone who starred in a movie called ‘Trailer Park of Terror’!”

  6. “Thered better not be no FAGS around this here parts!”

  7. JimBB

    “He’s been like that for hours,” said the concerned producer in the foreground.

  8. What a big fucking poser.

  9. Ah, I get what they’re going for – “urban cowboy.” Probably not the right person to do that theme with, but it isn’t my photoshoot so what the hell do I care?

  10. Is he passing gas?

  11. anonymous

    I keep saying it but I will never understand the correlation between the more fit a a guy gets the tighter (and gayer) he wears his clothes.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …really? you can’t figure that one out? well then, you better not ponder where the sun goes at night …that shit will make your friggin head explode.

  12. Putting the Butch in Butch Cassidy.

  13. Putting the “butch” in Butch Cassidy.

  14. “Git ‘er done.”

  15. ‘Bout time they started working on Brokeback Mountain 2.

  16. Didn’t know he was on storage wars.

  17. Is this the guy who started the diet fad? Also, why is there a man named “Trace”?

  18. “One of you bastards took my pudding and I aim to wrassle whichever one of you it was and get it back.”

  19. The poor man’s Kurt Russell

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