1. Cock Dr

    Brand name girls fetch good prices at Cannes.

  2. Something tells me Kim tried those shorts on before her…

  3. Jsmooth


  4. anon

    pee video coming soon?

  5. Are those two shuttlecocks in her top or is she just happy to be peed on by me.

  6. I think you meant to type Kendall Jenner with Cannes

  7. JimBB

    “Mom tried to chloroform me last night so she could make me get a boob job. But outsmarted her, I did!”

  8. George P Burdell

    Nobody has seen Northwest for a while. She is the Jenner dispatched to France to see if Kim left the baby in a dressing room there.

  9. anonymous

    Are those shorts on bass ackwards or is she bring Kriss Kross back?

  10. Good grief those shorts make her look like she has the world’s largest moose knuckle!

  11. Or I guess she has been really getting it good in Cannes and that vajajay is inflamed!

  12. Spartacus

    Life support system for a cunt

  13. Robb7

    They’re like cockroaches — you can’t get rid of these slimy things!

  14. She doesn’t have a chest so much as a bored emoticon.

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