1. Cock Dr

    How is she not falling over backwards? Is gravity different in LA?

  2. “North, mommy is gonna leave you here for the day. There’s some Cheerios in the seat cushions if you get hungry and if you get thirsty, remember who your parents are and drink your own tears. Kisses.”

  3. I was told my picture in these windows would reflect back with the approved photoshop face and body type….

  4. RayJ

    I gotta pee.

  5. Spartacus


  6. Sloppy Redneck

    Who’s ass would you eat Kims or Khloes ?

  7. Robb7

    This POS can’t stop looking at her reflection!

  8. “And lady…this car has ‘padded seats’ too!”

  9. Ian B

    “Did you get that dirty stain out? Oh good you did.”

  10. buzz

    The way she’s blankly staring I think that fucker made Kim K open her own car door thus making her something for herself resulting in corrupting her Kris OS.

    Bitch now needs a reboot.

  11. Fanny Chmeler

    Looks good here…isn’t she the chick from Boardwalk Empire? Wait, who the fuck am I thinking of?

  12. “Uuuum….now what?”

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