1. Is anyone else interested in seeing him fight Dinklage?

  2. He’s already eaten as two of his fingers are down to their stubs!

  3. anon

    How tall are you?

  4. “Gotta go…Mr. Wonka’s chocolate doesn’t make itself.”

  5. PassingTrue

    Gotta work on that shocker there Mr. Green

  6. when on trial for being a giant perv, always boost your defense by flashing the shocker. It puts judges in a lenient mood.

    also, he does look like a microwaved turd.

  7. “UTAH….Make it two!”

  8. “It now takes TWO ruffies for me to get laid!”

  9. ian

    “Two in the pinky and one in the stinky!”

  10. Cee-Lo wobbles but he wont fall down!

  11. biff

    He looks like a Smurf. What would he Smurf name be?

  12. Are his stilts at the laundry?

  13. KC

    Tyrion Lannister from Tyler Perry’s Game of Thrones.

  14. Mr. Green, Mr. Green! How many decades has it been since you saw your own penis?

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