1. That’s right show us your most important asset Miranda!

  2. What in the fuck happened to Miranda Kerr?

  3. Chipmonk,,,it’s strong in this picture.

  4. Not her best but I’d fight two billionaires for a piece of that.

  5. Not pictured: the all out brawl that took place between the photographers for the right to take this picture. We lost many paparazzi that day.

  6. Everyone together….BUTHER….FACE

  7. Am I the only one who doesn’t think she’s worth fighting for?

  8. biff

    Nope. I don’t see it. Is it because she slept with Legolas?

  9. Billionaires are dumb. I mean, she’s hot, but there’s only one of her.

  10. So that’s what happened to those lace curtains we gave away at the garage sale.

  11. The only “bad” pic I’ve seen of Miranda. And by bad I mean, not perfect.

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