1. Cock Dr

    Wondering just how lifelike that statue really is….did it truly capture the essence that is Jon Hamm?
    There’s no way to tell from this angle and with those obscuring draperies

  2. I bet the sculptor was like, “shit, were gonna need more wax.”

  3. That perfectly captures his acting ability: stiff and lifeless but pleasant to look at.

  4. JimBB

    Yeah, it’s all funny until Skynet activates it and it starts raping us all.

  5. anonymous

    That’s actually damn good lifelike wax sculpture.

  6. This explains why there is a worldwide shortage of wax.

  7. Proof once again that Jon Hamm always looks like a goddamn retard unless he’s in character as Don Draper.

  8. Maria

    Jon Hamm photo bombing Jon Hamm? The universe just collapsed in on itself…..thanks Jon Hamm

  9. TooCoo

    Hamm scams cam with canned Hamm.

  10. “Is that a votive in your pocket? Or are you just glad to be me?”

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