1. Why is Nick Jonas performing the dance for YMCA on the set for Navy St?

  2. what? a remake of Village People’s “In the Navy”? that makes sense for Jonas, a homoerotic song celebrating being on a submarine with just Seamen.

  3. I’d bet that when that ball got thrown back to him, Nick let it hit him in the face out of habit.

  4. JimBB

    Yeah, I always figured him for good ball-handling ability.

  5. He’s making it too easy for us now.

  6. Mike Walker

    Fa la la de da… I throw de ball..

  7. anonymous

    Yeah, a bunch of full grown men throwing an youth sized football.

  8. “I’m gonna throw a perfect field goal! That will prove I’m a real man!”

  9. “He’s worked more on his touchdown dance than actually playing football.”

  10. He heard he’s eligible for the NFL now.

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