1. Java32

    Backdoor Farrah goes out for a ride with her new friend Kaley.

  2. anon

    I’m hard pressed to determine which beast has the bigger ass.

  3. PassingTrue

    And the Sarah Jessica Parker joke du jour…

  4. Is that ME,,,or the horse?

  5. “I’ll take “Faces you just want to Punch and Punch” for 200, Alex.

  6. kravdan

    I’m sorry Mr. Horse but I’m already married…but can I call you in a few months…

  7. “Sittin’ pretty !”

  8. JimBB

    Sarah Jessica Parker something something.

  9. fred

    She stopped every 500 feet or so and turned around hurriedly with that terrified look on her face until she could confirm that her husband was in fact still there.

  10. George P Burdell

    Thought bubble: “I guess I wasn’t Catherine the Great in a previous life. Riding a horse isn’t all that exciting.”

  11. Maria

    “honey, honey, honey I’m over here! You can see me right…? I can’t see ALL of you, you better come and ride with me…honey?”

  12. “Honey! Lookit me! I’m riding a HORSE! Honey? We’re still married, right? Honey?!?”

  13. Riding a horse at Wood Ranch, huh? Sounds kinky.

  14. Mooby

    “Honey, are those firecrackers? Honey?”

  15. KC

    What a horse’s ass! And that beautiful stallion.

  16. Jack Ketch


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