1. Cock Dr

    OMG that dress.
    Nicole does aging movie superstar so well.

  2. Tom Cruise doesn’t cut any corners on stalking his ex…

  3. Nicole definitely has a type doesn’t she?

  4. PassingTrue

    Wanna go for a short drive?

  5. pbjelly

    Oliver Twist was confident that he’d be eating well after the premier

  6. “Mr. Cruise have you and Mrs. Kidman patched things up?”

  7. JimBB

    Is this a musical number?

  8. Why does someone always invite Kenny G to these things?

  9. I googled this guy and can’t find a single pic of him without a hat on. Must have a shitty hairline or something.

  10. “Oi, ‘Ello, Guv’ner! Spare a bit of a ‘and job, for a poor street urchin?”

  11. Oliver Dahan? More like Oliver DAHAT! AMIRITE?!?!

  12. “Oh damn it all to hell, Olivier, I almost called you Tom.”

  13. KC

    When Tom Cruise met him he said, “And I shall call him… Gigantic Me!”

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