1. This picture and all it represents pretty much encapsulates a lot of my hatred.

  2. PassingTrue

    Best evidence that there are too many channels.

  3. Hopalong

    Where’s PETA when a pet really needs them.

  4. Has anybody ever sen a dog commit suicide? I feel like we’re about to.

    • fred

      Have you confirmed that it is in fact a dog? And if so, is it so doped up that it (mercifully) doesn’t know where it is or, more importantly, what it is wearing?

  5. nasty when women get so thin their forehead vein pokes out

  6. Why is Warwick Davis with her?

  7. Pump Lounge? No thanks.

  8. tlmck

    On the menu of “stars” you can rent for your red carpet events, she is on page 343, better known as the dollar menu.

  9. Marketing Mike

    Memo to the dog, held by the old broad: Tell her to wash her hair
    more than once a month, and those dentures are looking pretty
    crusty, time to hose them off again. On a positive note,
    I love your tasteful little suit!

  10. gumbypokey

    Fuck me, what happened to Aida Yespica?

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