1. Myles Kilometers

    For your health.

  2. Jill_Ess


  3. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    That felt like trodding on new-fallen snow.

  4. Log O' Poo

    “The Lakers are trading your husband for me”

  5. youcandieNOW

    She looks shorter, less hairy in this picture. She’s gone all Hollywood.

  6. can tell black people appart

    5 comments, and not one of you realize its NOT Lamar Odom in the picture? Its Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic. He looks nothing like Lamar. wow…

    • Log O' Poo

      I’m pretty sure my comment should indicate that I knew it was Dwight. Also, who even said it was Lamar?

    • It had to be said

      Yeah, it says “Dwight Howard . . .” above. Project much?

    • Richard McBeef

      I don’t know who the fuck dwight howard is or lamar odom, but i can tell you who RZA is when I see him. dolla dolla bill y’all.


      Somebody’s tarded!

    • Amy

      You also failed to mention that nobody remarked that it really isn’t Kloe Kardashian either. I guess that mean you can’t tell Wookie’s apart. Speciest!

    • Shorty80

      No one said it was Lamar genius. Log O’ Poo’s comment makes it obvious he knows it isn’t Lamar. So you need to learn to read, and calm down. Hypersensitive idiot.

  7. cc

    That’s not Khloe, that’s the Jack’s Links guy.

  8. It had to be said

    I got bounced out the playoffs in the first round, and management got me THIS for a hooker? Damn. I’m leaving, Orlando, I’m just leavin’.

  9. Deacon Jones

    Great, looks like they’re going to have the change the “What’s long, black, and smelly” joke

  10. baron of all media

    I’d have sex with both of these chicks before I let my penis anywhere near that awful creature Khloe…

  11. 4 Sho

    You guys are dumb, you can totally tell by her eyes that that isn’t Khloe. Khloe’s eyes are hazel.

  12. The Critical Crassness

    Khloe forgot to shave again, I see!

  13. ohmyword

    “She’s lucky I even said yes to a high five! I’d stick my thumb up my ass before going there. And THIS is my thumb.”

  14. Brennan Haley

    Buddy got a white thumb cause he thought that’s the only way he’d ever get a ride. Savvy. But if I were him, I’d let the wookie win.


    She looks better than she has in years!

  16. Uh oh, Khloe’s about to rape another NBA player.

  17. sc4play

    I thought Khloe was taller than that.

  18. All the NBA players flirt with her. They call it “Messin’ With Sasquatch”.

  19. I’m not sure why there are any comments here. This has to be the best caption of 2011. Bravo! I just pissed myself.

  20. Blech

    Did Khloe lose weight?

  21. Every cute animal I’ve seen that looked like that kept a terrible secret under its tail.

  22. Nik

    I think Kloe is so ugly and dumb, but then I remember she’s rich and famous and we’re not… Who has the last laugh now?

  23. Mark R

    I, for one, loved the original 3 Star Wars, and am getting a little tired of you insulting Chewbacca.

  24. Cock Dr

    This Wookie knows how to accessorize. Simple but memorable.
    Therefore that isn’t a Kardashian Wookie.

  25. dnkypunch

    Wow I was never really that into Khloe, but she looks much better in this picture… Maybe its the lighting?

  26. stamos

    sure? unsure!

  27. Noel

    “Dwight Howard and Khloe Kardashian at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Lake Buena Vista, FL. (May 12, 2011)”


  28. KC

    Do we really need to see deleted scenes from the Star Wars Christmas special?

  29. Steelerchick

    Wow this is the best I’ve seen Khloe look in a long time.

  30. cc

    Wesley Snipes looks ridiculous in those Mickey Mouse ears.

  31. Carson

    “They call this the Kashyyyk Eiffel Tower…”

  32. Jovy

    I would wreck the shit out of Mr. Howard, yum.

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