1. It had to be said

    Dear Lord, please let Sofia Vergara influence all of the young women out there . . .

  2. kimmykimkim

    Holá Sofia! Me gusta tus chi-chi’s! I don’t even know if that’s right, but I’m sure she’ll get the message.

  3. baron of all media

    Hottest. 40 year old. Ever.

  4. Beatnik

    You know, ever goddamn “cycle” of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks promises another teenaged girl that she’ll be the new face of CoverGirl, but unless the past winners of ANTM include Sofia Vergara, Rihanna, Queen Latifah and Ellen Degeneres, I’m pretty sure Tyra Banks is full of shit.

  5. Sexy Sadie

    I love this woman.

  6. vlad

    is it me, or did her left nipple migrate towards the bottom of her breast? either way, it’s fine by me, easier access

  7. SIN

    Looks like she is desperately trying to copy Cindy Crawfords style.

  8. HumpinFrog

    She needs my Goop on her tits.

  9. Brennan Haley

    Wan I com too ‘Merica, the ferst Eenglish werds I herd was “Charo reincarnated.” I down no wat they mean, but all I haf too say is “Coochie coochie coo.”

  10. tlmck

    Great job God!

  11. The Critical Crassness

    @ Bianca and you’re a fat, lazy stupid cunt,,,,big fucking deal!

  12. jim eh

    At first I didn’t like her, I don’t know why, probably played a bitch in some movie, but man is she pretty, and I usually HATE spanish chicks.
    She makes my heart beat a little faster, which is pretty rare nowadays when you look at all the trainwrecks in hollywood.

  13. Carson

    She’s like the Latin Jessica Rabbit.

  14. Oh, Sofía, joo make a-me dumb in de peenus.

  15. Jerky McPumpoff

    what mexican food looks most like a penis? because that’s what i want to cook her for dinner.

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