1. “look at these, the’re small but the’re real and you can’t have them”

  2. cc

    Your neckline can plunge right to your cervix if you don’t have any boobs.

  3. Bucky Barnes

    Wow, I saw a plunging neckline in the thumbnail and clicked before I knew who it was. Curse you, Ann Coulter, that was a dirty trick!

  4. cagster

    Anyone else expecting an alien to pop out?

  5. It had to be said

    Nice breast bone!

  6. baron of all media

    WTF is wrong with all you haters?? The only thing I don’t want to have sex with in this picture is her taste in music.

  7. The Critical Crassness

    If she had real tits..this would be a winning picture….now…not so much!


    Ok from the neck down with a face for radio but definitely not a voice for radio or anything else but calling hogs

  9. It’s like a lord of the rings flashback. squint and you can just see Gandalf and the Balrog falling into the empty chasm…

  10. HumpinFrog

    She needs more Goop on her tits.

  11. Brennan Haley

    She’s trying to have a career again and I’m all like “Forget you.” Oooo hoh hoooo!

  12. She’s totally letting that Oscar go to her head. I remember when Jessica Tandy wore that exact dress when she won Best Actress for Driving Ms. Daisy.

  13. I would motorboat that, but it would just sound like “B……………….. B……………….. B………………… B”.

  14. knotty

    Holy Sternum! Her head swivels all the way around.

  15. Quick! What’s the British word for motorboat?

  16. Wicked Witch of the East… West

  17. bethy

    Am I Madonna yet?

  18. “I would like to firstly thank the committee that asked me to be here, and secondly I would like to congratulate you for being here to listen to me.”

  19. KC

    This is what anti-matter cleavage looks like.

  20. MrsWrong

    That dress is as ass-backwards as the idea of her having a music career.

  21. I have a nagging urge to visit the Utah salt flats now.

  22. I don’t know. I didn’t give a damn for her when she was 20 but now I would get renaissance on her ass. I’m clearly getting old.

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