1. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    Looks like the serum is wearing off.

  2. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    “Flame ON!”

  3. cc

    Yes, I’d like a pair of jeans with a 32 inch waist and a 48 inch inseam.

  4. It had to be said

    Cool frat, brah.

  5. kimmykimkim

    I’m sorry, who?


    Is he on tv?An extra? A propmaster? I dont know who the deuce this is.

  7. Brennan Haley

    Yo, looks likes someone’s playin Captin America for a punk! And it’s that guy from NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE and the other movie about a telephone. Great.

  8. So, he doesn’t just play douchey characters?

  9. You can actually see him stepping over the 15 minutes of fame line. I’ve never seen this happen in the wild!

  10. He watches Jersey Shore.

  11. Not pictured: the Funky Bunch.

  12. Charmless Man

    Looks like he’s about to break into the Hippie-Dippy Dance.

  13. angelInstead

    Captain America: douchebag edition!

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