1. Caseum

    Cocoa nails!!

    • Your mother makes $1.95/m on the computer. She has been unemployed for five months but last month her check was $17864 just sticking any requested item in any of her orifices via a webcam. I know because she’s sitting right next to me and I make 75% of her take. Here’s the site to read more…fuckoff.die.CoM

  2. Johnny P!

    You know as soon as he gets home that camera is going into a special room, and YOU’D BETTER NOT MESS WITH IT!!!

  3. it had to be said

    That is a nice camera. I can see getting divorced over that.

  4. “Say, Auf Wiedersehen!”

  5. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Fucker got my soul!

  6. So his old lady gives him the boot and he becomes a paparazzo, just like the other blood suckers…

  7. Master Bates

    What an anachronistic relic that is. The camera’s not bad though.

  8. Taking a picture of Chris Brown. Shortly after it was taken, they burgled each other’s walnuts.

  9. AAPL made me rich!

    “You there.. Ephialtes.. May you live forever.. “

  10. j/k

    He has sealed his fate with the cameras.

  11. dooood

    i remember this one time (alright, more than one time) i was playing warcraft or GTA or COD or some shit and this chick was like –
    hey i haven’t seen you in a while, wanna come meet me for drinks?
    hey wanna watch me try on some new outfits?

    and i was all like – chills with that dude! i’m on level 3!!

    anyway, none of those girls were world famous smoking hot supermodels but i know how it feels in hindsight after you make really dumb decisions.

  12. Pierce Bronzetan

    [Widen tongue, pull tongue back, then speak in higher pitch]

    “Preeeecious takes pictures of the peoplez! Precious camera… preeeeeecious.”

  13. Urvag

    No seal no! Don’t take my picture!!!! My scar!!!

  14. telesputnik

    oooh, seal has become a middle-aged hipster, yay!

  15. journalschism

    “‘Once you go black you never back,’ my ass! F*cking Gerard Butler. Blimey!”

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