1. Johnny P!

    That’s the most normal picture of her we’ve seen this year, and she still looks certifiable.

  2. This what washing dishes in meth does to your hands.

  3. JC

    “And then I tried to slit his wrist with a razor blade, like this, but he was all squirmy and stuff, so I had to go get the shotgun.”

  4. “…So then you want to use something as a tourniquet to find a vein—here, let me use my bracelet to show you…”

  5. “Me, an addict? Oh, no. I simply had a lot of adverse reactions to medications I had been prescribed for 30 years.”

  6. your mom

    Even TV make up artists can’t make this bitch look undead.

  7. It says, “Courtney Love on Extra at The Grove in Los Angeles.” And all this time I thought she was on heroin.

  8. Gabbie

    damn it, what now Courtney? go away…forever

  9. It just dawned on me that she’d make a waaaaaay more realistic Nurse Jackie than Edie Falco.

  10. Why the fuck are they interviewing her? She’s done nothing of worth in years, besides publicly embarass her daughter.

  11. That bitch has some dirty ass nails.

  12. imustbetooold

    So I grabbed the shotgun like this and I blew his muthafackin brains out. Messy but fun.

  13. dooood

    i am whore parts whore veins whore arms.

    ………… oh yea, and dog bait

  14. CranAppleSnapple

    What’s going on with her underarm flaps? I don’t understand what I’m looking at.

  15. Your tongue, My balls.

    Here we see Courtney asking for a Walmart application. Unfortunately she was at Costco at the time.

  16. At least she has a complete, modest shirt on this time…

  17. Pierce Bronzetan

    WTF is on her forearm? It looks like two stick shifts to control the heroin drip.

  18. I see she won the title role in the Frankie and Johnny remake

  19. kingofbeer

    track bruise cleanup on isle both.

  20. DirtyFighter

    Lady Gaga in 10 years

  21. EricLr

    First ever on-air cooking demonstration with no ingredients or cooking equipment.

  22. Bigalkie

    Courney Love joins the class action lawsuit for the OPTIGRAB

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