1. Sitch doesn’t seem that excited to get his picture taken with Will I Am.

  2. The most embarrassing thing about this is the other guy being called “a fan.”

  3. LINK ME!

    why someone will do that?

  4. Josephus

    Do you think he has Pauly D jizz in his hair every few hours, or is once a day enough?

  5. Simole

    “I take a picture with this, then you can see how much of cock you look.”

  6. Incurable dumbass clown? There’s an app for that.

  7. The phone’s facing the wrong way to be taking a photo, that guy is distracting him while the other guy steals his wallet.

  8. How embarrassing that the white guy got caught wearing his mom’s sunglasses.

  9. Even a dude dressed as old Gregory Peck and wearing a Livestrong bracelet is cooler than the Situation.

  10. Deesus

    Full blown bromentia. He probably doesn’t know where he is either. Jazzy shades btw

  11. c-h

    sitation meets conundrum

  12. cc

    How to lose friends fast ‘Hey, I’m a fan of the Situation, and I got my picture took with him!’ (friends start shuffling away).

  13. XFX

    Wait, this guy has fans?!

  14. friendlyfires

    Word of advice:I may look stupid and act stupid, but I can buy and sell all of my co-stars fifty-eight times – that’s a lot of pickles my brother – stay in school!

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