1. Deacon Jones

    They’re cutting up lines.

  2. “so you said it’s $5 to look at it, or $20 to touch, right?”

  3. Bucky Barnes

    Are you certain that wasn’t the Brokeback Steakhouse? You can’t beat their meat.

  4. Ed

    They’re on the down low.

  5. Josephus

    “I told you Seacrest used too much teeth. You didn’t want to listen. I warned you.”

  6. Mickey Rourke is gay?

  7. kimmykimkim

    They’re either rolling a joint or loading a bowl. I know what leaning like that means.

  8. At some point before leaving the house, that dude looked in the mirror and said, “Mmmm…one more necklace…perfect.”

  9. Makes me wish I had opened that Scarf, Bracelet and Necklace men’s accessory shop in Hollywood. I would have made a killing.

  10. Rough--Do you know who I am

    This is a modern day Mcqueerism aint it? Two guys cant spend time together without being accuse of something…

  11. “See that scar? That’s why you never stab the hooker until after you’re completely done.”

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