1. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re posing with footware that’s not even real shoes, and you’ weren’t even wiling to wear them.

  2. If you had eyes and you are using them to see her shoes then you are prob gay.

  3. DKNY

    iPanema? Is that something new from Apple?

  4. I’d Gis the ele out of her Bundchen. Fist bump!

  5. “Smells like me and my giant model feet.”

  6. lili

    “With Ipanema, even top models can look like sloppy housewives. Because you’re worth it.”

  7. She also just launched a spooge collection in my pants.

  8. c-h

    i’d rather look at Amanda Seyffried. Next.

  9. cc

    Oh sweet Jesus I bet she’s wearing thong!

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