1. Khloe’s evil oompa loompa twin

  2. Deacon Jones

    Look, it’s Pizza the Hut!

  3. Forklift

    I thought the Supermoon was last week.

  4. “Two…count ‘em…it took two drums of orange spray to get all of me.”

    Someone should tell her that her casper hands don’t match her Jersey shore orange face. also, nice double-boob there fatty…

  5. “Two! That’s right, I’m eating for two.”

  6. Garrett

    “As we go on… we remember… all of the times we… had together…
    And as our lives change… come whatever… we will still be… Friends Forever. ” – Vitamin Hep C

  7. Cock Dr

    This is an affront to genuine gingers everywhere.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much, Doc. No sighted person anywhere will mistake that for a natural hair color. Even the blind would be like, “Y’know, I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s a little off about Wynonna Judd’s hair.”

  8. Specifying how many sides of beef she wants before dinner.

  9. My god, those are some chubby fingers.

  10. “Two coats of orange housepaint.”

  11. looks like someone keyed the side of that bus.

  12. Deryn

    Aaah! Demon! Demon!

  13. timmy the dying boy

    It’s hard to tell where skin ends and hair begins.

  14. Uncle Rodney

    “Sniff these two fingers and guess which new author they’ve been in!”

  15. Snooki, it’s like looking into the future!

  16. RayRay's Nubbin

    there was some sort of mixup with the blend on the various colors there. All the white went on the teeth

  17. Yes, I’m sure that was an impressive duece. Quit bragging.

  18. Kathryn

    More like Wynonna Fudd

  19. J Fo

    I’ll have two small children with a double side of gravy – Thanks!

  20. Senor Trout

    ‘So Mom’s all like ‘Snooki, baby, don’t you love the hair?’ And I’m like ‘um, not really, why is it all orange?’ and

    • Senor Trout

      Mom’s like ‘well sweetie, you know Sitch calls me Kabak in bed – thats Turkish for pumpkin you know – and..’ and I’m all like ‘Oh My Fucking God, you are FUCKING him!?’ and Mom’s like ‘no, baby, HE’S fucking ME.’

  21. Sunny

    Snooki dyed her hair!

  22. Pete

    Does she sing about cowboys with cheating hearts and lying eyes? Because I think I see what the real issue might be.

  23. Jessica Simpson, meet your future.

  24. “This is how we pick our nose in Nashville.”

  25. NattyB

    Snooki obviously gets her amazing skin color from her mom.

  26. For the record: letting color-blind candy ravers dye your hair will leave you looking like a leather manatee in a Cyndi Lauper wig.

  27. SIN

    She is motioning to the restaurany : I’ll have 2 of everything.

  28. c-h

    Rihanna really let herself go…

  29. reformed_druid

    It’s her stealth look, she can hide on the street by looking like a 70′s van, black with flames running up the sides.

  30. friendlyfires

    It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown … for Easter?

  31. Dorian Gray

    How long before Hulk Hogan is tapping that?

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