1. Myles Kilometers

    This was their joking response when asked by the photographer who the designated driver is.

  2. Deacon Jones

    I think that dude on the right just realized who he’d be blowing for a ride home that night.

  3. So which one of you is going home with that black chick?

  4. “I’ll be killing this guy next~”

  5. “Ok, now everyone point at the douche!”

  6. Josephus

    This is like a live action “I’m with Stupid” shirt.

  7. Josephus

    “Just Go With It” must have REALLY bombed. Poor Adam Sandler.

  8. btreese

    Twin douches. Must be nice to be so fucking oblivious….

  9. btreese

    LOL Why would you get a bicep tattoo when you literally don’t have a bicep? ugh…what a tool…

  10. What is love/
    Baby, don’t hurt me/
    Don’t hurt me no more

  11. S'up Bitches!

    Nick looks so happy and healthy! Putting someone into a permanent vegetative state must really agree with him!

  12. Quick take a picture, before I put put him in an ICU for life.

  13. The girl from Glee is texting Kurt “I am about to meet Lance Bass!”

  14. Check it out. My Dad bought it for me. It’s a mexican, midget Ben Affleck.

  15. “OK, I’m douchebag #1, and he’s douchebag #2″.

  16. DC Supreme

    “His name’s Carlos, and we met in prison. Now he’s my “Very Special” friend!”

  17. Casting call for Jersey Shore II – the early years.

  18. He has the body of his sister and the good looks of his father. No wonder a woman who had to be air-lifted into her pants is snapping a pic.

  19. sick

    There’s always a fatty black chick in the background whose face says it all.

  20. c-h

    Good Will Hunting 2: The Douche Years…

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