1. Biff

    Damn…I almost thought that was Christopher Walken.

  2. it had to be said

    So, Moe is on the left and Larry is on the right. Who is that in the middle?

  3. He must have realized who he was sitting next to when he got put on the jumbotron…

  4. SFfan

    He-man hasn’t aged too well

  5. EricLr

    Hey, look over his left shoulder. That’s the first time anyone has laughed anywhere near him since the early 80′s.

  6. Billybob

    Billy’s trademark threatening “don’t make me go host something” face.

  7. Bonky

    Not seen: Jack Nicholson making an ass out of himself, again.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Billy Crystal actually looks like a human in this picture compared to those freaks he’s sitting with.

  9. If Heidi Montag was present this would be Los Angeles in one shot.

  10. Billy’s forehead is taking over the planet.

  11. dontkillthemessenger

    The cast of “American Reunion: The pre-morgue years”

  12. They may be eating nachos, but their seats were sponsored by the California Raisin Council.

  13. What’s this, the special needs row?

  14. tayker

    Jennifer Aniston is dating Bucky Larson?

  15. Swearin

    They’re playing his opening monologue from the Oscars on the Jumbotron.

  16. bob

    it isnt a receeding hairline, it’s his neck hair crawling back from his ass

  17. I didn’t realize Jerry Buss had a special needs son.

  18. bigalkie

    We’re sorry Mr and Mrs Crystal, you’ll have to sit in the ugly people row.

  19. Johnny P!

    It’s like looking into an aquarium.

  20. Popeye

    Uh oh.. Grandma’s Pissed!!!!

  21. browny

    man with best orange hairdo EVER. love

  22. tlmck

    Just realized this isn’t a Yankees game.

  23. Grand Poobah

    Didn’t realize they were filming a sequel to Kingpin

  24. “I’m a Clipper fan and its not fun, its not funny”

  25. HailSatan

    Looks like a group of “Jerry’s Kids”.

  26. irishboyo

    He would look SO much better if he just shaved his head. The Bozo the Clown look doesn’t suit him.

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