1. Biff

    How could chicks dig a guy who’s wearing woman’s fuchsia capris and posing like a queer?

  2. Quijibo

    No, not gay at all.

  3. dooood

    so i figure in about 2 more years we will finally be rid of bieber and on to the next girl-boy disney whore

  4. EricLr

    Well, that should put those gay rumors to rest.

  5. Bonky

    “No, not one guy tried to pick me up. Nothing but gross, icky girls staring at me. I think I am in the wrong spot or something.”

  6. Billybob

    “Orlando, can you drop off my purple pants later and pick up your pink ones?”

  7. j/k

    OMG they act like they never saw a gay guy in NYC!

  8. Isa

    When will this guy come out of the closet????? Who does he thinks he kid?

  9. “Fezzy? It’s JoJo. I got caught outside and I’m surrounded by girls staring at me, could you come get me sweetie?”

  10. So he’s a little taller than Elton John?

  11. blonde

    Is he the gay one?

  12. Nik

    I’m a girl and those pants are even too gay for me.

  13. Johnny P!

    When you wear pink clamdiggers, don’t play with your merkin in public. I thought everybody knew that.

  14. The Brown Streak

    Yes 411, I’d like the number and address for The Blue Oyster Bar.

  15. Oh for God’s sake, the way everyone’s acting you’d think they’ve never seen a guy in pink capris before.

  16. he likes everything pink, except in tacos

  17. edamame

    I’m confused. No self-respecting gay guy would wear black socks and black tennis shoes with pink fuschia capris. If he is straight, he needs the Queer Eye team to work their magic. If he is gay, he needs to represent!
    Either way, he needs help!

  18. Shorty80

    We are all morally obligated to burn those capris.

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