1. Cock Dr

    This is the type of dress everyone should wear to church this Easter Sunday.
    Maybe a nice pastel color instead of the black….I think Jesus would prefer that.

  2. Shoisefhoi

    It’s like she walked out of the house forgetting all about shirts. And I love it

  3. That has to be the fanciest dog collar I have ever seen on a bitch.

  4. xTiex

    I think I just saw an x-wing squadron enter the stretch marks

  5. Swearin

    Wait, the movie is called “Think Like A Man”, so she picks out a dress to show off major cleav? Very shrewd.

    • I’d say she’s thinking exactly like a man. If a man were in that woman’s body, don’t you think he’d pick the exact same outfit? It probably wouldn’t match in the right places, but you get my point.

  6. The Brown Streak

    It’s called “Think Like A Man” not “Women with Man’s Hands”

  7. tlmck

    Black people are getting orange spray tans now?

  8. Keri to publicist: “Is this top cut too low?”

    Publicist: ” Do you have hair on your chest?”

    Keri: “No!”

    Publicist: “It’s too low cut.”

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