1. Richard McBeef

    Scooter parking is around the side of the building, Orlando.

  2. Bonky

    He still can’t figure out why the Hell’s Angels won’t let him join.

  3. EricLr

    Normal guy in top half of picture

    80′s Jazzercize instructor in bottom half.

  4. When your wife wears the pants, well, you gotta wear something…might as well be her sweats.

  5. I bet the ass of those sweatpants says, “PINK.”

  6. “Daddy’s Girl”.

  7. Crissy

    Are. those.boobs.I.see? Buwahahahahaha!!!!

  8. I was about to riff on him for wearing mauve sweats, but then I realized that (a) I don’t have a motorcycle and (b) I knew the word ‘mauve.’ Damn you, wife’s stupid catalogs that she leaves in the crapper!

  9. The Pope

    If you were wondering, the pants say “I bang Miranda Kerr every night so I just don’t have to give a damn about anything else.”

  10. CK

    The pants I could forgive, but THOSE GLOVES…

  11. The Brown Streak

    Streethawk! Fridays at 8pm on NBC!

  12. That is the least convincing Stig costume I’ve ever seen.

  13. jeffiner

    how is this orlando bloom if this person has breasts?

  14. He has bigger breasts than Miranda Kerr. Kudos to him.

  15. I didn’t realize Orlando Bloom would look this good in sweats. I may have a go at him when I’m done with his old lady!

  16. meh

    This isn’t orlando bloom you dumfucks.This is obviously some chick. You’d think the commentators here would recognize an obvious joke meant to mock someone out of blantant jealousy. I mean that is what we spend our time doing here isn’t it?

  17. meh

    And fuck I should have googled “Orlando Bloom motorcycle purple” first. I can’t fuckign believe this thing bangs Miranda Kerr, married her and put a baby in it. I appologize I just didn’t realise the world was THIS fucked up.

  18. Bionic_Crouton

    Does he have “FREE CUNT” stenciled on his sweats?

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