1. Listen, if you are over 35, just burn your yoga pants, okay?

  2. JimBB

    I would still bang the ginger out of her.

  3. Have utmost respect. She did this Lifetime flick as the older lesbian seduced by the younger lesbian… and while that subject matter would not normally interest me her performance was riveting. One lustful scene went to commercial and yet her artistic display was so compelling I was able to take that scene beyond the given canvas, somewhat in the manner in which you take a painting outside its confines and fill it with your own vision and interpretation. She’s an artist and true to her craft and she can wear yoga pants all day, any day.

  4. Robb7

    And she walks around NYC like a normal person — carrying groceries and wearing regular clothes. Smiles at the paps and just makes her way home.

  5. Always loved her… Still do.

  6. Andie

    I love her.

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