1. I give you two thumbs up.

  2. There used to be a day where I could pronounce all the models’ first and last names.
    Today is not that day.

  3. Two in the stink, two in the pink!

  4. coljack

    She’s being modest. She’s at least a five.

  5. maoix

    In my day, it took a room full of mainframe computers to process 4 guobytes of data.

  6. Putting this after a Kris Jenner Pic? You’re giving me boner-whiplash.

  7. Her name sounds like what an Italian would say is the size of his hard drive

  8. Lou Braccant

    Try saying that name in the heat of passion

  9. fuck she is hot

  10. Holy shitter.

  11. Johnny Barbells

    Dementia Goodbutt …i like it.

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