1. This is fucking blasphemy. Grab the pitchfork and torches. We march!

  2. Is this a permanent replacement? Or someone less hot they brought in temporarily so Duchovny would be coherent during the interview?

  3. Even Duchovny looks disappointed, and it’s not even facing him.

  4. JimBB

    “So you on TV show? Television box? Me can read tele-promper.”

  5. Look at that nice, white milf ass. I’d rip that shit up all day.

  6. The funny thing is, I knew that wasn’t Menounos’ ass, yet somehow I still knew this was taken on the set of “Extra.”

  7. I thought perhaps the X-Files were brought in to investigate the disappearance of Maria’s ass.

  8. “Do you like my ass Mr. Duchovny?

  9. So let me get this right, Maria doesn’t work here anymore?

  10. “So, uh…where’s the hot chick?”

  11. Vladimir

    “There’s no Menounos? Why is there no Menounos? You guys are just playin’ me…like a sap.’

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