1. What happened? This isn’t the park bench I fell asleep on!

  2. choopy

    and jamel debbouze, but who the fuck cares…

  3. JimBB


  4. Smapdi

    “Sacrebleu! Even at the sport matches I’m haunted by the notion that I must play Tupac Shakur in my next movie! Just focus on croissants, Gerard, just focus on croissants . . . “

  5. Urbanspaceman

    The photographer isn’t there for Depardieu. He’s taking a shot of the man in the foreground : Jamel Debbouzm famous French actor.

  6. AP

    “Collignon, crêpe chignon ! Collignon, face de fion ! Collignon, tête à gnons !”

  7. How’s that whole “leaving France” move working out for ya?

  8. anonymous

    There’s the look of a man how just lost his ass betting on the match.

  9. “I bet I can fit the ball into my left nostril…I bet I can…”

  10. I sure hope this photo doesn’t get beamed into space. It would suck if aliens picked it up and thought this was representative of males on earth.

  11. “Boo hoo hoo…I can’t believe they don’t sell hot dogs here!”

  12. tlmck

    Morphing into the elephant man.

  13. I swear to god I will piss all over these stands!!

  14. He just peed on the guy in front of him.

  15. coljack

    America to France: “Your best actor so fat, he makes Marlon Brando look like Kate Moss.”

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