1. Kelsey re-enacting the conclusion of every one of his alimony proceedings.

  2. JimBB

    That’s not a set.

  3. RealityVision had he not made the callback for the role of “Frasier Crane” on Cheers.

  4. Don’t fuck with Carvell.

  5. Kelsey must like filming this movie because he can go straight on set every morning.

  6. He’s no Cranston.

  7. Hugh G. Rection

    He’s not actually in the movie. When they arrived to set up the shoot, they just found him there.

  8. Finally! Karma!

  9. I would have thought Hasselhoff would play himself in the biopic. I guess they wanted someone who could act.

  10. “I hear the blues a’ callin’…”

  11. Johnny Barbells

    …this guy was on ‘cheers’ for how long? then he starred & exec. prod. ‘frasier’ for how many years? plus he owns the production comapny that owns ‘girlfriends’, ‘the game’, and ‘medium’ …why the fuck does’nt he just take his oil tanker full of money, go sit down somewhere and fucking relax, instead of doing one bomb after another…

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