1. ultra

    i see we’re looking less happy to be pregnant these days.

  2. She’s confirmed pregnant, but I think there are legitimate weird angles and funny shirts at play here.

  3. JimBB

    Can’t a girl and her bag of flowers just walk home in peace?!?!?

  4. Matt

    Baby does not do a body good.

  5. … She is still pregnant?

  6. maoix

    Game over.

  7. anonymous

    What the hell is she drinking?

  8. waynemoores

    Mothers I’d not like to fuck. Hubby might as well put his prick in a storage locker and wait for it to turn up on storage wars. YUUUUP.

  9. Where are the overly swollen pregnancy tits?

  10. “Positively glowing”, me arse.

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