1. That’s the look of a man that thought he had escaped hell only to realize that the devil was just fucking with him and that he never left.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    I can’t be critical… it’s not like anyone else wants them.

  3. coljack

    “Now we pretend we’re back together, sell a few photos, shoot a few more episodes, or else no spousal support, Bruce.”

  4. Poor man has a face like a botoxed asshole.

  5. Cockenstein

    WTF??? I thought they were separated. When did they get back together?

  6. What’s up ladies!??”


  8. “Honey, fix your pants, you have a boner.” (Now try to guess who said it to who)

  9. I support their right to get married!!!

  10. Ralph

    As he slowly transform into a female, Bruce Jenner will realize he doesn’t need a pussy cause he IS a pussy.

  11. There’s still a tiny amount of lifeforce to be drained.

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