1. It wouldn’t be a pic of these two without his ever present boner..

  2. AJ

    This dude seems to be confused about the differences between boobs and muscles. Jelly much?

  3. “David are you OK luv?”
    “I just sometimes wonder if there’s more to life than being really really really ridiculously good looking.”

  4. JimBB

    Guys, you’ve been standing in front of that parking meter for over an hour now. Just ask someone walking by how much to put in, okay?

  5. I bet the conversations between these two when they’re not fucking are *exhilarating*

  6. Eddie

    Kelly: Honey, I’m pregnant
    David: Dis how pregnant chicken look

  7. “We’re in the 15th minute of the Kelly Brook-David McIntosh Tit-Off. Kelly is still ahead on points, but David is doing remarkably well at keeping paceā€¦”

  8. “Hey… What’s wrong big guy?”
    “Well, I keep seeing “Dis how chicken look!”, and then I realized…I don’t know how chicken look.”

  9. Man, he looks tired from holding up a fat chick for so long.

  10. RoyFokker

    “No Kelly, I don’t care what you say. I have bigger tits.”

  11. Johnny Barbells

    …i can’t decide who’s boobs i wanna stare at more.

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